• Master’s in Educational Leadership

    Western Piedmont Education Consortium (WPEC) contracts with Clemson University to provide a Master’s in Educational Leadership program with courses taught in Greenwood.

    Clemson professors come to Greenwood to teach each of the courses offered. Classes are taught in a cycle that currently spans 2 ½ years.

    Students are admitted to the cohort at the beginning of the cycle and take all courses offered through the cycle. New students are NOT admitted after the cycle begins. Since WPEC contracts with Clemson to provide coursework, students pay WPEC for each course instead of paying Clemson University tuition.

    Here are a few common questions that the WPEC office has received with the answers:

    Q: How are students admitted to the cohort?

    A: Clemson currently makes available 25 slots for the cycle of courses. If there are more personnel interested in the program than slots available, an allotment of slots is provided to each member district to fill the cohort. Each district will determine their own selection criteria for filling their slots. Member districts supply WPEC with names for their allotted slots and thus the cohort is filled.

    Q: If I miss the start of the cycle, can I take courses at Clemson or another institution? Are the transferable?

    A: Yes, if your district allots one of their slots to you and if the courses you take are transferable to the Clemson program.

    Q: If I already have a master’s and want to get administrative certification, can I participate in the cohort and take the classes required for certification?

    A: Yes. You will need to contact Dr. Robert Knoppel (rck@clemson.edu)at Clemson. Dr. Knoeppel will assist you with determining the courses Clemson will require to certify you. Again, you would need to be allotted a slot to the cohort by your district. If you have additional questions regarding requirements for certification, those questions will have to be answered by Clemson and not this office.

    Q: Who makes the decision in the district for entering the program?

    A: WPEC sends to the superintendent of each district the number of slots allocated in the cohort for that district and the names of the applicants from that district for the cohort. The superintendent in each district determines how the selection is made and who makes the selection.

    Q: Do I have to take the GRE to enter the master’s program?

    A: Yes, the GRE is a requirement for acceptance into the master’s program. Other requirements can be found on the Clemson University website (www.clemson.edu).

Last Modified on June 1, 2012