During the 1996-97 school year, ten superintendents began discussions of ways they could work together to make their districts more efficient and more effective.  In the fall of 1997, those superintendents formalized a working collaboration that was named the Western Piedmont Education Consortium.


    The original intent of the ten superintendents was to find ways to save money, save time and to strengthen operations through sharing costs, sharing resources and sharing expertise.


    Executive Directors of WPEC:

    Liz Warren

    Mack Ellis

    Dr. Ray Wilson

    Dr. Billy Strickland

    Administrative Assistants:

    Cindy Humphreys

    Susan McKinney


    Superintendents of Original 10 Districts



    Abbeville Dick Garrett Mike Campbell Ivan Randolph Sharon Wall Jonathan Phipps Betty Jo Hall  
    Edgefield Clarence Dickert Sharon Keesley Mary Rice Crenshaw Greg Anderson Robert Maddox    
    Greenwood 50 John Kinlaw Bill Steed Darrell Johnson        
    Greenwood 51 Ray Wilson Fay Sprouse          
    Greenwood 52 Gerald Robinson Dan Powell Mark Petersen Sharon Wall Rex Ward    
    Laurens 55 Ed Taylor Billy Strickland Stephen G. Peters        
    Laurens 56 Vicki Phelps Charles Lackey Wayne Brazell David O'Shields      
    McCormick Charles Parnell Lloyd Hunter Sandra Calliham Earlean Smiley William Wright
    Don Doggett
    Newberry TEC Dowling Tom Faulkenberry Keith Callicutt Walt Tobin Bennie Bennett  Jim Suber  
    Saluda Linda Hawkins Nelson Perry Pete Stone David Mathis

    Harvey Livingston